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Your specialist for the repair and modification of special ships, large yachts and passenger clippers!

Quality, flexibility and adherence to schedules are the primary features of our dockyard. Staff with many years of experience is the guarantor for the high quality of construction. Whether specialists for shipbuilding, repairs, modifications, extensions or for interior furnishings - we offer you the complete pallet of services from a reliable dockyard.

Our dockyard facilities have all of the required workshop and technical equipment that is required for a smooth dockyard stopover. Here we have combined all necessary trades for shipbuilding, repair and modification under one roof: Shipbuilding and steel construction, pipe laying, mechanical engineering, carpentry, joinery and electrics.

Of course, we are also equipped for assignments outside of the dockyard facility.

In 1994 the last new-build left our dockyard. Since then, our core competences are in repair, modification and maintenance.

The Elsflether Werft plans the construction of a new, highly modern modification and repair centre with lift-dock system, lift-dock hall and workshop, in order to meet the ever growing requirements. In the course of this, a 100 metre long synchro-lift system with adjacent hall will be built, which will enable us to work regardless of the weather.

At present, the following slip and repair plants belong to our dockyard:

  Slip1 Slip2 Slip3
Length max. 50.00 m 81.00 m 105.00 m
Width max. 9.00 m 13.10 m 14.60 m
Load max. 400 t 1.350 t 2.150 t
Pier 420 m length
Cranes 10 / 15 / 50 tons

You can get an overview of our references here